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Why Your Android Phone's Keyboard Isn't Showing Up, And How To Fix It
Having a keyboard that’s experiencing issues can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to perform basic typing tasks such as sending someone a message or typing an email.
While there are some troubleshooting steps to take, you should check whether the keyboard is working on other apps and try restarting the device to fix the issue before proceeding.
An excessive keyboard cache may be the culprit. To clear the cache:

1. Open the Settings app and head into the Apps section. Tap on All Apps and locate the keyboard app.
2. Select the app to view the settings option and hit Force Stop. Tap the Storage & Cache button and clear the keyboard’s cache and data.
After clearing the keyboard cache, check for any software updates:

1. Open Settings and go to the Apps section (for Gboard) or the General Management menu (for Samsung).
2. For Gboard, Tap on All Apps and select Gboard. For Samsung, in the General Management menu, hit the Keyboard list and default option.
3. In Gboard’s app info section, press App details to open Gboard’s Play Store page and check for any updates. For Samsung, select Samsung Keyboard, then About Samsung Keyboard. 
4. Update the keyboard app by following the on-screen instructions, then check to see if fixed the issue.
A third-party app could be causing the problem and will require you to boot into Safe Mode to check the keyboard. Do this by pressing and holding the side button for power options.
Hold the power off option to bring up Reboot to Safe Mode. Tap it, and after it reboots, try typing in the default messaging app. If the keyboard works, delete the third-party app.