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Why You'll Hardly Find Any Porsche 916s On The Road
Only 11 Porsche 916s were ever built by the company in the early ‘70s, and Motor Trend says they are all rare and very valuable. Even today, the 916’s reputation is legendary among Porsche designers, so why did it never go into production?
The Porsche 916 was supposed to be the automaker’s response to the Ferrari 246 Dino, and had the boxy body of the 914, aerodynamic front and rear bumpers, and a boosted engine. That powerful engine mounted on the lightweight and small body of the 914 gave the 916 an agility that ultimately threatened the 911.
Overshadowing the 911’s performance, Porsche’s declining sales in the ‘70s, and the 916’s too expensive price tag all contributed to its downfall, and the luxury carmaker shut down its production. However, the model is more than just a collectible, it is wrapped in long-lost possibility — a sports car that could have ruled the streets but was never built.