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Why You Shouldn't Charge Your Tesla To 100%, According To Elon Musk
When someone on Twitter asked Elon Musk if it's okay to charge a Tesla to 100% every night, he replied, “Charge to 90% to 95% and you'll be fine.” Musk went on further to state the reason, “At 100% state of charge, regen braking doesn't work, because the battery is full, so car is less energy efficient” — so, what is regenerative braking?
Tesla vehicles use regenerative braking to convert kinetic energy into electrical power every time drivers engage the brake. Regenerative braking can recycle as much as approximately 30% of a Tesla's battery usage, but if owners charge their Tesla to 100%, the kinetic energy converted into electrical power will be wasted since it won't be stored in the battery.
Charging to 100% could also reduce the lifespan of a Tesla battery, since it’s made of lithium-ion, which degrades faster if maxed or zeroed out. Owners should also avoid leaving their charger connected to their EV after the battery is at 100%, as this helps to prevent the battery from overheating, which could otherwise speed up its degradation.