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Why You Should Probably Turn Off Auto-Brightness On Your Android Phone
Auto-brightness is a feature on your Android smartphone that uses a light sensor to automatically adjust your device’s brightness based on surrounding light conditions. Although convenient, you may want to choose your own brightness level and turn off the feature by going to Settings > Display and turn off Adaptive Brightness.
Manually adjusting your phone’s brightness is recommended for two reasons. The first is battery life: Even though bright light helps you see your screen better, especially if you are outside, it will quickly kill your battery. It's probably best to turn the screen brightness down and turn it up only for the moments when you need more light.
The second reason is to protect your eyesight. Like all smartphones, your Android phone emits blue light to help you see the display screen; however, this light can cause damage to the retina if you spend long periods looking at your phone — so turning off auto-brightness will maintain healthy eyesight and reduce eye strain.