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Why You Probably Need To Stop Using Rest Mode On PS5
Rest Mode on PS5 is designed to kick in after a set period of console inactivity, and when activated it will continue to charge controllers, look for and download game updates, and take care of firmware changes. Unfortunately, it turns out Rest Mode could actually be causing a lot more problems than it solves.
Although Sony has addressed several of the issues via various patches and system updates, some users are still encountering difficulties. One of the most commonly reported problems is that the PS5 will shut down while in Rest Mode, while another issue involves system crashes, sometimes accompanied by save files being corrupted or deleted.
In a worst-case scenario, some users have even alleged that Rest Mode bricked their PS5 completely — preventing it from starting up at all and rendering the $500+ console useless. It might be a good idea for users to turn the feature off as a precaution, or at least temporarily avoid using it until Sony has for sure gotten all the bugs sorted out.
To disable the mode, gamers should head to their PS5's “Settings,” select “Power Saving,” go to “Rest Mode,” and set it to “Don't Put in Rest Mode.” Users won’t benefit from perks like auto-charging controllers and keeping software updated at all times, but they will ensure that their PS5 doesn’t slip into the proverbial danger zone.