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Red Corvette C8 parked next to a train line
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Why The 2023 Corvette Is Still The Best Budget Supercar
The Chevy Corvette has been a fantastic sports car that enjoys a loyal fanbase across all eight generations. However, the newest Corvette, the C8, distinguishes itself from other 'Vettes in one crucial way: its engine is in the middle, and that design decision, combined with the legendary 6.2L LS V8, rockets the C8 out of sports car territory and into the realm of the supercar.
Other American performance cars, like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Shelby Mustangs, may boast higher horsepower figures than the C8, but those cars are only designed to go in a straight line as fast as the laws of physics allow. With its nearly perfectly balanced weight distribution, the Corvette can meet McLarens where it really matters: the track.
In addition to this engineering feat, Corvettes are still domestically produced and carry price tags that make them some of the best deals in the supercar world. A base 2023 C8 costs $64,500; although the upcoming 670 horsepower C8 Z06 starts at $105,000, that’s still tens of thousands of dollars less than a new Lamborghini Huracan, priced at over $206,000 (via Car and Driver).
More than $100,000 is hardly a "bargain" by most standards, but when it comes to price, the Corvette beats almost every other supercar on the market. Regarding actual performance, the C8 delivers in spades; according to MotorTrend, a C8 went around Germany's fabled Nürburgring in 7:29.9, putting it within the ranks of some of the greatest supercars.