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Why PS5 Controller Joysticks Drift And How To Fix It
Joystick drift is a common occurrence among all of the major gaming console makers, and unfortunately, there isn't a way to tell ahead of time whether you will experience the issue. While most of the drift problems result from the hardware, you can take steps to minimize the chance of your controller experiencing the issue by understanding how it occurs.
One reason joystick drift happens is that the current controller design allows dirt, grime, and dust to get into the tiny space that connects the joystick and the controller. Store your controller in a place free of dust and other fine particles and use a can of compressed air or a dry lint-free cloth to clean the joystick housing of debris — avoid using water, cleaning solution, or rubbing alcohol.
iFixit investigated the controller drift phenomenon and found that the vast majority of the issues originate from mechanical problems like wear and tear, which naturally happens over time when the controller is used. It's tempting to push your joysticks aggressively, but doing so can lead to them becoming worn out faster than usual.
Updating the controller regularly can also prevent and fix the drift.

1. Head to Settings > Accessories > Controllers and select Wireless Controller Device Software.

2. Connect your DualSense controller via a USB-C cable to your PlayStation 5.

3. You will be prompted to update the firmware on your controller.