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Why It's Time To Stop Using Your Android Phone's Built-In Browser
Android smartphones come with pre-installed browsers from Google or the manufacturer — for instance, the Samsung smartphone features a default Internet Explorer browser, and some of its models include an already installed Chrome. At least 3 billion people use Android smartphones, but they might want to consider switching their built-in browser to a better alternative.
While Chrome is convenient for synching other Google services across all Android devices, it’s not known for its privacy; in fact, the company has been in the spotlight for data harvesting and has even been sued for breaking its promises not to sell personal data to third parties. Plus, there are more reasons to dump Chrome, namely performance issues and extensions security.
The default Samsung Internet Browser is not much better, and information collected from it could be used to create a profile for third parties and take the form of personalized ads that pop on the device. Users concerned with privacy should look into alternative browsers such as DuckDuckGo and Firefox Focus that don't share your data with third parties.