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Why Ford's Push To Remove EVs From Dealerships Is Great News
Ford's supply of electric vehicles hasn't quite kept up with the public's demand, resulting in a situation where traditional dealerships are cashing in on what consumers are willing to pay for the next-generation tech. To ease some of this tension, Ford plans to make big changes to the way its cars are sold to consumers.
Speaking at an IBM conference, Ford CEO James Farley said, "We've got to go 100% online so that the inventory goes directly to the customer with 100% remote pickup and delivery." The electric vehicles sold over the internet would also have fixed prices, offering no room for negotiation but also likely undercutting the amount charged by dealerships.
Despite the online shift, Farley has no intention of dumping dealerships entirely. In the future he envisions, the Ford CEO believes his company "can do things post-warranty and remix the marketing spend to have a better experience." Farley also says his company is "working with dealers" on the plans.