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Which Bitcoin Wallet is the Best? Here's Our Pick
Not all cryptocurrency wallets are created equal and, given how expensive Bitcoin is, you want to make sure your investment is secure. If you’re just starting out, you’re most likely going to use a hot storage (versus cold storage) bitcoin wallet, which is easy to set up, usually free apart from transaction costs, and accessible with an internet connection.
Out of the hundreds of options to choose from, Coinbase is arguably the best Bitcoin wallet for beginners in cryptocurrency. Not only does Coinbase allow you to store your Bitcoin for free, but it’s also one of the largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchanges, with experience in handling countless transactions and expertise in providing reliable security.
If you’re more advanced in crypto and greatly concerned about digital theft, however, you might want to consider a hardware or cold storage wallet. Ledger offers the best mix of security and good value, as well as multiple storage devices, such as the Nano X, a Bluetooth-enable wallet that keeps your Bitcoin fully offline and protected.