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Where To Look For Your Jeep's Hidden Easter Egg
Jeep has been hiding Easter eggs on some of its vehicles since the ’90s, and although some are easy to find, others have proven to be more challenging to locate.
The number of Easter eggs varies between cars, with some having none and others having multiple. One Easter egg found on the Wrangler is a vintage Willys on the windshield.
The Wrangler JL has three: a Morse code message underneath the 12v plug-in, “1941” on the gauge cluster, and a vintage Willy on the car’s horn.
Renegade owners can find over 30 hidden surprises in the exterior and interior of their car, including a spider, several Willys and grilles, splatter on the redline, and a map.
The Grand Cherokee sports the original Jeep and the image of the Grand Cherokee’s front that can be found in the menu options and on the headlights.
The Cherokee has several Easter eggs, including a map, a grille, and the car parked between two 1941 Jeeps, found in places like the air recirculation button and passenger seat.
Hidden animals, lizards, and the Loch Ness monster can be found on the Compass’ rear windshield, while the Gladiator has flip-flops on the cowl to honor auto journalist Rick Pewe.
Bryant Motors adds that Easter eggs have been found in various areas of other Jeeps, such as a T-Rex chasing a Willys, Bigfoot, a Stars War ATAT chasing a Jeep, and T-Rex skulls.