A BMW i3 electric car, taken on August 5, 2015. (Photo by Joby Sessions/T3 Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
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What's The Worst BMW Model? Here's What Car Fans Said
BMW is one of the most reputable car manufacturers in the world, and most people associate it with luxury and wealth; rightfully so, as the average price paid for a new BMW as of June 2022 was more than $66,000, per Kelly Book Blue. It’s a given that BMW makes some of the finest luxury cars in the world, but we started wondering if there were any lemon BMW models.
In a SlashGear survey of 590 people in the U.S., 25.25% thought the Isetta was the worst BMW model ever made — probably because it's a three-wheeled car that looks like an egg, can only fit two people, and was driven by the character Steve Urkel in the sitcom "Family Matters." The only redeeming quality is it was the most fuel-efficient BMW ever made with a 78 mpg rating.
Coming in second, 21.53% of respondents chose the BMW X5, which is not surprising, considering it is one of the most unreliable BMW models. More than 20% of the poll participants thought BMW's first-ever electric car, the i3, was one of the worst BMW models, the BMW Series 5 was fourth in the poll with 17.12%, while the BMW Series 1 came in last with 15.93%.