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What's the Difference Between YouTube TV and Google TV?
YouTube TV has quickly become one of the top streaming platforms, due to its features like unlimited cloud DVR space and allowing up to five additional members on an account. Most importantly, it provides users a way to cut ties with traditional cable and satellite TV while still enjoying live broadcasts of local, sports, and entertainment channels.
Unlike YouTube TV, Google TV — which is built on and is meant to replace Android TV — is designed to be an interface for all of a customer's online TV watching. According Google TV VP Shalini Govil-Pai, Google TV is more closely aligned with Google's vision than its Android TV predecessor.
Govil-Pai says, “The Google TV term came because it is so aligned with the Google mission — in terms of personalized recommendations, in terms of search and discovery, in terms of the integration of the world’s content at your fingertips.” To further that vision, Google released an updated Chromecast device with Google TV installed, and it is working with smart TV manufacturers to have the app pre-installed on those devices.