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What's The Difference Between PlayStation Plus And PlayStation Now?
Though both are optional, a PS Plus subscription is necessary to access a core game feature (online multiplayer), whereas PS Now has nothing to do with playing the games you own. PS Now, a game streaming service limited to the PS console, grants subscribers access to a huge library of PS games, enabling online streaming and immediate gameplay for games they don't own — no downloads required.
PS Now, which requires a very fast Internet connection, isn't always reliable, as subscribers have reportedly faced lags. Fortunately, Sony offers a free trial period for PS console owners who've never previously signed up, and the subscription is priced at $9.99/month if you pay monthly, $24.99 if you pay for three months at once, and $59.99 if you pay for an entire year upfront.
If you own a PS console and play games with free online multiplayer or single-player campaigns, you can choose not to sign up for PS Plus, but a subscription is necessary to get the most use out of your console and games. Sony attempts to make this a little more bearable by offering free games to subscribers every month.
While some months have lackluster games, some bring surprises, including well-rated and high-quality titles like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Star Wars: Squadrons, Hitman 2, and Final Fantasy 7. PS Plus costs the same as PS Now: $9.99/month, with the same 3-month and 12-month upfront payment options for a discount.