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Whatever Happened To The iPod Nano?
A replacement for the iPod Mini, Apple’s iPod Nano proved immensely popular when it was launched in September 2005. By the holiday season, Apple had sold 14 million first-generation nano players, but despite the initial success, the model faced some difficulties.
Many consumers reported that the screen was easily scratched, in some cases becoming unreadable in a matter of days, which led to a class-action lawsuit against Apple. The company found that a percentage of the iPod nanos had faulty screens and agreed to the terms of the lawsuit.
There were also multiple incidents of the nano causing burns and fires, which prompted Apple to launch a replacement program, as noted by MacRumors in 2011. Setbacks aside, the nano continued to be a popular device and underwent attractive redesigns during its history.
Eventually, most consumers found it unnecessary to own a separate portable device solely for playing music, and Apple ended this line of iPod in 2017. Still, the nano was an iconic device for the early 2000s and arguably the most popular way to listen to music on the go at that time.