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What Would Happen If You Fell Into A Black Hole?
Black holes are a region of space where the gravity is so strong that nothing can escape its grasp, including light. These celestial bodies usually pop up after a star dies when matter is squashed down into an infinitesimally small point called a singularity, yet has so much mass that density and gravity become infinite, and space and time go on forever.
Scientists think they have a pretty good idea of what would actually happen if someone got too close and fell into a black hole — and it’s not a pretty picture. According to Charles Liu, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium, a person’s entire body would become something akin to "toothpaste being extruded out of the tube."
Because the gravity inside a black hole is so intense, the body would be simultaneously compressed horizontally while being stretched vertically like a noodle. Funnily enough, this process is called "spaghettification," thanks to British astrophysicist Sir Martin Rees who coined a term that perfectly encapsulates this horrifying possibility.