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What To Do If Your Android Phone Won't Charge
Android devices have improved their battery capacity over the past few years thanks to software updates and advancements that allow larger batteries to fit inside smartphones. Despite these advances, nothing can wholly prevent software or hardware issues that hinder charging, but there are several fixes that might help solve the battery issue.
Once you notice your smartphone isn’t charging, try plugging another device into the power outlet to see if that’s the issue. If the problem isn’t the outlet, inspect your charging cable and the wall adapter to determine whether the problem could be due to being damaged — try using a different cord and charging block before buying new ones.
Rebooting Android phones can sometimes fix common errors, and it can be easily done by opening the notification center and pressing the power button to bring up a pop menu with the option to Restart. After a few moments, try inserting the power cable to see if it charges; an alternative method to rebooting is turning off the phone entirely and trying to charge it from there.
If a third-party app infects your Android phone, try booting into Safe Mode:

1. Turn off the Android, then turn it back on. As the animation starts, hold the volume down button to boot in Safe Mode.

2. Plug the charging cable to see if the phone charges in Safe Mode.
Another issue could be caused by dirt and debris in the charging port of your phone that hinders the transfer of electricity and will need to be cleaned out with cotton swabs or thin plastic tweezers wrapped up in microfiber cloth. Get a good light source and insert the cotton swab or plastic tweezers into the charging port to clean it gently to avoid causing any damage.
If your phone still isn’t charging, download the Ampere app to check the charging status of your phone’s battery. There could be software updates that might fix any battery glitches found in Settings > Software Update if your phone has enough power, but you may need to take your phone to an authorized service center or replace the battery completely.