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What To Do If Your Android Phone Has Been Hacked
Androids are inherently designed to be secure due to their sandbox approach to processes and file management that separates apps into their own isolated environments. While this greatly reduces the potential attack vectors of malware, Androids can still be hacked through sideloading apps from third-party developers outside the Google Play Store.
Devices infected by malware might behave oddly, such as having unexpected pop-ups, overheating, and unusual spam texts. Sideloaded apps should never be fully trusted and usually cause problems, so if you notice unusual behavior on your device, head to Settings > Apps to remove the app.
Some malware apps can attempt to stop users from uninstalling them and will require you to go into safe mode to remove them, usually done by holding the power button and then long-tapping the power icon. While hackers constantly try to exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system, you can reduce possible risks by keeping your device updated through the Settings app.
The Google Play Store offers a way to scan the device for malicious programs by opening the Play Store, clicking on your profile, and selecting Google Play Protect. Some manufacturers provide their own security programs, like Samsung Knox. If all else fails, factory reset your device by going into Settings, locating the Reset menu, and following the directions.