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What Is The Carolina Squat And Why Is It Banned In North Carolina?
Although it sounds like a dance move, the Carolina Squat — also known as the Cali Lean or the Tennessee Tilt in other parts of the country — is a modification that significantly drops the back of the truck while raising the front; it actually looks like a lowrider but on a truck. North Carolina residents, however, should think twice before deciding to embark on this particular alteration.
In September 2021, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina signed House Bill 692, which prohibited anyone from altering a private passenger automobile's suspension, frame, or chassis so that the front fender was more than four inches higher than the rear fender. Moreover, if anyone is cited three times in 12 months, they will lose their license for at least one year.
It's not entirely clear where the modification started, perhaps it was derived from the nose-up/tail-down look of off-road Baja trucks used in desert and dune racing, but what is clear is that altering the truck’s features in this way could make it unsafe to drive. For example, lifting the front of the truck can dramatically restrict the driver's front-facing forward-view of the road.