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What Happens To Your Ring Doorbell When The Power Goes Out?
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Amazon's Ring doorbell is a useful smart device that is designed to keep you safe. Although these devices are a popular replacement for traditional doorbells, many consumers have questioned if they will still work if there are blackouts or if power is cut off for a period of time.
After a blackout, it may take some time for your Ring doorbell to get back on the grid, and start functioning normally again, especially if your internet was affected. A power outage can affect Ring's Wi-Fi connectivity and may affect routers due to missing or scrambled settings.
Ring devices are mostly unaffected when electricity is off, but when power is restored, the sudden increase in voltage can damage them. If you're having an issue restoring your Ring after a power failure and it doesn't appear to be dead, try resetting your router and Ring device.
If it's still not reconnecting, reinstall the app on your phone or try resetting the Ring by pushing and holding the orange set-up button for 20 seconds before releasing it. You can also consider a factory reset, unplugging and plugging back in the device, or reaching out to Ring Support.