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What Happens to Time and Space Inside a Black Hole
Black holes are born when massive stars 20 times our sun exhaust their nuclear fuel and collapse under the forces of gravity, which triggers a supernova, one of the brightest explosions in the universe. According to a 2022 study, there are 40 billion billion (4 + 19 zeros) black holes in the observable universe.
NASA and the world’s top minds find black hole events puzzling and difficult to visualize, but perhaps none more so than what happens to space and time inside these celestial bodies. What occurs when an object like a star is pulled into a black hole and cannot escape? Does it stop moving when it reaches the black hole’s “center” or singularity?
The scientific model says that the star will continue moving in infinity, in a plane where space and time change places and space is stretched infinitely. This is why black holes can "swallow" massive-sized objects, making these large objects fit inside a small region inside the black hole.