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What Are Steam Points And How Can You Spend Them?
Players with a Steam account can collect Steam Points, which can be earned either by buying something from the Steam store like games, DLC, and applications or by receiving an award from other Steam users for contributions made to the community, such as writing reviews. The latter’s points vary, but for every dollar spent in the Steam store, players gain 100 Steam Points.
To use Steam points, players simply head over to the Steam Points store, where there are different items to spend points on — for instance, unique backgrounds, themes, profile graphics, and more. These differ in price, especially between animated (tends to be 2,000 Steam points) and non-animated items (go for about 500 points).
Players click on what they want and then select the blue button with the Steam point amount to buy it. Once the transaction has been completed, players will receive a notification that a new item has been added to their inventory. However, points can only be redeemed for items on the Steam Points store and cannot be used to buy things from the physical Steam store.