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What A Limited Edition Game Boy Advance SP Pokemon Center Is Worth Today
With the Game Boy Advance and Pokemon’s popularity, it’s easy to see why Nintendo decided to put the two together and create Pokemon-edition GBA handhelds. In all, there were six GBA SP Pokemon Center editions released, most of them corresponding to a Pokemon video game release, and now each vary in rarity and thus price, as certain ones can be harder to come by.
The first Pokemon Center GBA SP releases were the Kyogre and Groudon editions in 2003, followed by the Torchic edition, which goes for about $200, but in-box is around $438. Then there was the Rayquaza GBA SP that goes for around $363 on its own, or $800 in-box, and finally, there came the Pikachu GBA SP that tends to go for $143, or around $620 in-box.
There were also GBA SP Super Paks, which came with the Pokemon Center GBA SP, a carrying case, and the respective Pokemon game for each legendary. The condition of the handheld and any items it comes with, such as the box or manual, will impact the price, and items in good condition, complete-in-box and sealed, can go for much more than what's listed here.