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Toyota and Yamaha Want to Save the V8 With an Unexpected Fuel
Toyota and long-time partner Yamaha are reportedly co-developing a high-performance V8 engine fueled by hydrogen. The announcement marks a move beyond electrification to find alternative fuel options for internal combustion engines.
With a storied history in developing sporty engines, the two companies hope to make sporty cars clean and green without sacrificing driving excitement. Specifically, Toyota has commissioned Yamaha to create a 5.0-liter V8 engine for the Lexus RC F.
Yamaha started working on its hydrogen V8 five years ago, and a central part of the development process involves Kanno Seino, or "exhilarating performance." Yamaha engineers, however, are not only seeking performance but also a new allure for the V8.
It looks as if the internal combustion engines might be here to stay. As Yoshihiro Hidaka, President of Yamaha Motor, said, "Hydrogen engines house the potential to be carbon-neutral while keeping our passion for the internal combustion engine alive at the same time.”