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Tiny Mistakes That Are Making
Your Car Worthless
Ignoring warnings
Warning lights, such as the check engine light, are viewed by some drivers as a slight inconvenience rather than an indication something terrible is about to happen. While the CEL often illuminates due to minor issues that won’t prevent the vehicle from working, ignoring it for too long may leave you unaware of other, more costly engine problems.
Deferred maintenance
Putting off recommended maintenance is an all too common practice that can ultimately cost more money with each visit to the mechanic, as problems are left to fester and become worse. Delaying fixes, such as adjusting the car’s alignment, can lead potential buyers to suspect something is wrong with the vehicle when it comes time to sell.
Windshield cracks
A crack in your windshield can be annoying, but not addressing the damage can be a safety concern that can quickly grow. Although replacing your windshield can be expensive, especially for new cars with added accessories built into the glass, many products and services will repair the damage at a lower cost.
Dirty car
It’s common to fall behind on car cleaning habits when the newness of it begins to fade and the vehicle ages, but this decision to not maintain its cleanliness could devalue it and place the driver in danger. Allowing dirt to remain can compromise the paint, lead to tiny scratches on the body, obscure your windshield, and contribute to rust forming.
The idea that spending money to add accessories and functionality to a car can lower its worth may seem strange, but there is some truth behind it. Much of the value, or loss of value, comes from perception, and potential buyers may be wary of unseen issues or implications of heavy use from added performance mods.