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This Violent Crash Rattled The NASCAR World
A terrifying crash took place on June 4, 2022, during the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race, when drivers Carson Hocevar and Derek Kraus made light contact with their vehicles. Hocevar’s truck was hit on the rear and sent into a spin, and even though it avoided hitting the barriers, two other racers unfortunately drove right into it at a high speed.
In a graphic YouTube video that provides the in-car audio from Hocevar’s vehicle directly following the accident, the 19-year-old racer calls for help and tells a paramedic that he can’t move his foot. It’s clear that Hocevar was in immense pain as he was eventually extracted from the vehicle and placed on a stretcher, unable to walk.
Hocevar was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, and although he and his team have provided small updates since then, the public still doesn't know whether he will recover quickly enough to participate in the upcoming race at the Sonoma Raceway. Judging by the severity of the crash, it might not be possible, but hopefully his recovery will be swift and successful.