CAT Scan lung lobe
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This Skin-Sticking Ultrasound Patch Is Like A Tricorder Band-Aid
A team of engineers at MIT created a stamp-sized ultrasound skin patch that will provide a clear look at internal organs like the lungs and heart in real-time. The patch is a rigid piezoelectric probe array that attaches to the skin via a transparent gel, and is a non-invasive technique for imaging body parts and organs that could revolutionize the sector.
After a doctor or technician has applied this patch over the body part that needs scanning, it is connected to a machine that records the ultrasound signal and converts it into a visible image. Once attached, it can provide an uninterrupted look at the human body's vital organs for approximately 48 hours, without requiring continuous supervision by a technician.
The MIT team is now working on a wireless iteration of the patch that can be worn anywhere and made available over the counter. The idea is to link the patch with a smartphone and deploy AI algorithms to do the scanning when needed. Researchers believe the adhesive used on the patch will be strong enough for patients to engage in normal everyday activities.