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This Security Exploit Could Have Major PS5 And PS4 Implications
Gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5 are powerful machines and nearly as locked down as smart TVs or other appliances. Sony does its best to thwart any form of modification of the system, but that hasn't stopped hackers of all varieties from trying to find a backdoor into the console to take advantage of the power it has to offer.
One such exploit was recently publicized, which has modding communities quite excited about the prospects of more open PlayStation boxes — unofficially, of course. Security engineer Andy Nguyen disclosed this news at a security conference, revealing how it is possible to run arbitrary code on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles.
The “hack” takes advantage of the way the console reads Blu-ray discs and opens the door to the modding community, which is interested in fostering homebrew game development on the console. Although modding is a legal gray area, it does provide benefits like the preservation of gaming history by allowing old games to be played on newer consoles.