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This Is The First Handheld Motion Controller For Mobile Games
It's rare for apps to offer experiences that take people both out of their comfort zones and outside. However, a startup named UDU has introduced a new and immersive handheld gadget that will allow users to enjoy mobile games wherever they go while staying active and participating in physical activity.
The UDU Console connects to mobile phones and detects its users' movements through sensors located inside the controller, with only real-life motions able to move the characters and progress the story — if the game requires it. Like other motion-sensing handheld controllers, the UDU controller allows players to wield weapons using hand-waving gestures.
The controller’s name is derived from the circular 240x240 pixels LCD display located on the device, which can be used to show a myriad of customization options for the tool or weapon used in the game. The UDU controller also includes other features, such as a trackpad to navigate menus and buttons like those found on handheld tracker controllers for VR headsets.
However, the UDU Console will only work on select games when it launches, with the company planning to introduce the "UDU Games" launcher, and it may not hit the markets until April 2023. Through Kickstarter, gamers can get one controller and a year subscription for €119; afterward, the console will retail at €199 and charge €10 per month for UDU Games.