Crushed Hard Disk Drive and Axe on the Old Wooden Table
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This is the Best Way to Destroy an Old Hard Drive
Since it’s easy to recover data from a hard drive and open yourself up to bullying, blackmail, or even identity theft, it is vital to dispose of an old hard drive properly by not only wiping the contents on the drive using a software solution but also dismembering the parts physically. Be sure to back up important files before unleashing your inner-Hulk.
Whether the hard drive is internal or external, you’ll need a variety of tools to destroy it. Use Torx and flathead screwdrivers to open the hard drive and, with safety goggles on, remove the circular magnetic disks or platters. Scratch the platters’ surfaces with a safety knife and smash them with a hammer or drill them full of holes.
The platters’ shards can be dangerous when coming in contact with skin, and the material may even be toxic to humans, animals, or the environment. They should be disposed of responsibly and safely, so it is critical that you go to an e-waste disposal center in your area to get rid of these broken pieces rather than dumping them in your household garbage.