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How To Downgrade From Windows 11 To Windows 10
Microsoft has added a recovery option in Windows 11, enabling users to downgrade machines back to Windows 10 within 10 days of the upgrade. If you're eligible to use this rollback option, press the Windows key + I on the Windows 11 PC to open Settings, scroll down, and select "Recovery."
If the button is selectable, click "Go back" to revert the PC to Windows 10 — but if it is greyed out, it's too late to roll back the machine using this method. Nevertheless, if 10 days have passed, you’ll have to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 — for which you'll need a Windows 10 license — and set the PC back up from scratch.
For this method, go to the "Download Windows 10" website, download the tool listed under "Create Windows 10 installation media," launch the installation tool, and select "Upgrade this PC now" from the "What do you want to do?" prompt. When asked what files you want to keep, select "Nothing," which in turn will delete every file on the computer.
Back up any files you want to keep on either a local drive or in a cloud account before reverting back to Windows 10. Finish clicking through the download tool when prompted, after which the PC will reboot and the Windows 10 installation prompts will appear, enabling you to finish installing and setting up the machine with a fresh copy.