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This is How Temperature Can Affect EV Range
Although new EV models boast ranges around 300 miles and support for fast charging, consumers’ concerns over range continue to be high. For those living in cold or hot climates, range anxiety intensifies even more, leaving many drivers to wonder whether their local climate is negatively impacting how far their car can travel before needing to be recharged.
Cold weather has been proven to affect EV charging times, range performance, and the degradation and lifecycle of EV batteries. Studies have shown that when temperatures decreased, charging times increased, and therefore recommended charging an EV inside a warm garage, but not every owner has access to this proposed solution.
Like cold weather, hot temperatures can affect range performance. Small fissures and cracks can appear in an EV battery's components when charged at high temperatures, impacting the chemical reactions and degrading the battery. So, extreme temperatures are something potential buyers should keep in mind when considering their next vehicle purchase.