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This iOS 16 Option Lets You Remove The Search Button From The Home Screen
Apple’s iOS 16 offers many handy new features, including editing sent text messages, translating text from a photo or video, and the much-touted new lock screen. However, whether you want it or not, once you've finished installing iOS 16 you'll also end up with a search bar in the bottom middle of your home screen, just above the app dock.
The new search bar doesn't obstruct the home screen too much, but it is unsightly and feels somewhat redundant. Thankfully, there is a method to remove the search bar on your home screen; once the iOS 16 installation is complete and you have access again, you can turn the new search bar off manually.
1. Open your iPhone's Settings app, then scroll down to Home Screen.

2. At the bottom of the Home Screen menu, find the "SEARCH" section, with a toggle for "Show on Home Screen."

3. The toggle will most likely appear green (indicating it's turned on), so all you have to do is tap it to turn it off (it will appear gray).