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Things You Never Knew Your Xbox Series X Could Do
FPS Boost
Xbox Series X can run select older games from the Xbox 360 and Xbox One libraries at higher framerates with FPS Boost, which will bring games up to 60 fps, while some will go up to 120 fps. In cases of games that have to run at a decreased resolution to hit that 60fps mark, FPS Boost won't be turned on by default, but you can see a video on how to turn it on by clicking the button below.
Auto HDR
Auto HDR won't improve graphics but will make visual improvements to only a select number of older, backward compatible titles with more vibrant colors. If your TV supports HDR10 — check if individual games support Auto HDR by opening the "Manage Game" settings for any title in your Xbox library and selecting "Compatibility Options” — turn the feature on for classic games.
Dolby Vision
Around 100 games support Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X — so check if your TV supports it through your Xbox by hitting the Xbox guide button and going into Settings > General > TV & display options > 4K TV details. If your display supports Dolby Vision, turn it on by going into Settings > General > TV & display options > Video modes > Dolby Vision for Gaming, and tap into the improved HDR.
Old Controllers
You can use your old Xbox One controllers as well as accessories like the Xbox One Stereo Headset and the Xbox One Chatpad with the Xbox Series X. However, even though the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Xbox Wireless Controller are compatible with the Xbox Series X, the Xbox One Kinect sensor is one of the previous-gen accessories that isn't compatible with it.
USB 3.1 External Hard Drive
Series X has an internal SSD and an expansion slot that can be used with Seagate's Expansion Cards. While Series X games need to be installed on the internal SSD or one of those expansion cards, backward compatible games from Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox can be installed on and booted from a USB 3.1 external hard drive, leaving the SSD and cards free to store Series X games.