Cantley, Canada - May 8, 2012: Concept with a Google Android Robot Mascot eating a classic Apple Mac logo with the rainbow color.
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Things Android Can Do That IPhone Can't
Transfer files
Many Android smartphones use USB-C connectors that come with faster speeds of USB 3.1 Gen 1 of 5 Gbps or USB 3.2 Gen 2 of 10 Gbps, of which even the slower of the two is 10 times the data transfer speed of the Lightning port on iPhones. Android smartphones allow users to access the entire phone’s internal storage when plugged in.
The launcher
The open nature of Android allows its users almost limitless levels of customization, such as easily replacing the default launcher with numerous others from the Play Store. Apple has introduced some updates to iOS that give users some ability to customize their phones, but they are not nearly as in-depth or as straightforward.
Other app stores
Androids usually come with the Google Play Store for getting new apps, but this isn’t the only place to get apps, as other manufacturers have their own stores, and the devices can sideload programs from unofficial sources. Due to their efforts to stop jailbreaking their devices, iPhones are limited to only installing apps from the Apple App Store.
While Apple has made it nearly impossible to jailbreak iPhones, Android smartphones can be rooted, giving their users complete control over their devices. Thanks to the thriving community, users can reflash the ROM on a rooted device with a custom one that can bring different UIs, new features, and other performance-based improvements.
VR games
Android is partially defined by how open it is to work with, allowing developers to use the OS on other devices, such as Meta using a customized Android for their successful Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 VR headsets. Apple has been working on a VR headset, but its release date keeps getting pushed back, and it reportedly will have a price tag of $3,000.