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These Are The Concerns Experts Have Over Elon Musk's Neuralink
Elon Musk’s Neuralink hopes to be a brain chip that allows people to overcome disability, expand their cognitive abilities, and interface with electronic devices — for instance, Musk claims the chip could allow quadriplegics to use their limbs again. However, the FDA has yet to grant Neuralink approval for human testing, and some experts have expressed the following concerns.
Dr. John Adler, a highly decorated neurosurgeon at Stanford, believes regulation and medical barriers will render the device impractical. He told Slashgear: “I think the biology is decades from allowing us to place electrodes on/within the brain that don't scar over and stop working.”
Neuralink has received heavy criticism for its treatment of animals during the chip's testing process. While the animal tests have demonstrated the progress and viability of the device — a lot of animals have died and questions have been raised regarding the methods used.
Lack of Transparency
After moving from UC Davis, a public institution, to a privately owned facility, Neuralink's records are now private, which calls into doubt the company’s transparency. One expert pointed out that Neuralink now can choose which information to release and position itself in the best possible light.