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These Are The Best Streaming Devices To Watch Local TV Channels For Free
While most major broadcast networks have paid apps that let you watch your local affiliate, there are some free options that offer limited free on-demand programming.
As all modern TVs include ATSC tuners for receiving over-the-air channels, you could plug an antenna into the cable connector to view local channels.
A better option is to use a streaming device, like Google TV. Not only do you get access to official streaming apps, but you can also augment your experience with things like VPNs.
Google TV also has a “Live TV” tab on its home screen that seamlessly integrates over-the-air and streaming channels from free, ad-supported television providers like Tubi.
Another option is to use Roku’s streaming device. While not as versatile as Google TV, Roku products are a fine choice for those who don’t want the extra features.
Roku has been streaming video for longer than anyone else and has broad support for all major streaming services.
The other major streaming device is Apple TV. While it supports many apps, it offers no way to watch over-the-air channels via an antenna within its interface.
Apple TV comes in two different configurations: A $129 model with Wi-Fi and 64GB storage and a $149 model that adds Ethernet connectivity and ups the storage to 128 GB.