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These 10 Gadgets Are Essential Haves For Your Garage
Cord Organizer
Extension cords are handy items, but they aren’t always needed. As a result, they often end up as tangled messes stored in the garage.
Luckily, there are plenty of cord organizers, like the Wonder Winder. This tool can be mounted on your wall and can coil your extension cords by simply cranking a handle.
Smart Garage Opener
The myQ Smart Garage system is a great way to upgrade your old garage door opener, as it’s compatible with most garage doors manufactured since the ’90s.
Once installed, you can open or close your garage door from anywhere in the world with the connected smartphone app, provided you have an internet connection.
Charging Station
While EVs typically have a charging cable compatible with any 120-volt electrical outlet, the car’s battery could take dozens of hours to charge fully.
A dedicated charging station can offer level two charging, provided your home’s electrical system can handle the load, reducing charge times considerably.
Home Battery Backup
With battery technologies improving, they are now a viable option for a home backup generator if you don’t want to use a gasoline-powered one.
There are various large battery power banks out there for whatever you need, such as the Delta Pro Portable Power Station or Tesla Powerwall.
Overhead Storage
If your garage is getting a little crowded, you could clear up some space by installing a garage hoist system for overhead shelves.
SmarterHome’s Storage Lifter system is a 4-foot by 6-foot platform capable of holding up to 400 pounds, including the 60-pound frame.