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The World's Slowest Porsche Probably Doesn't Look Like You Expected
It might look like a shiny, gilded 911 GT3 RS, but the Ferdinand GT3 RS is deceptively slow — in fact, the car doesn’t even come with an engine! The model is the product of Austrian cyclist Hannes Langeder and is more akin to a modified bicycle than a racing machine.
Despite moving at a snail's pace, it's still among the lightest GT3 RS builds to ever lap around a test track. Langeder's Ferdinand GT3 RS can only go as fast as its driver can push it, since it has the makeup of a bicycle on the inside, with pedals and a handlebar for a steering wheel.
The Ferdinand 911 GT3 RS has a frame that’s heavier than a conventional bike, so even reaching 10mph would take considerable effort. Of course, the car isn't meant to race on a track, and is definitely more at home being displayed in the Lentos Museum of Arts in Austria.