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The Volkswagen Bus Is Entering A New Era
The Volkswagen Bus is one of the most identifiable automobiles ever sold in the United States, becoming a symbol of American independence, the vehicular mascot for hippies in the 1970s, and a pop-culture icon thanks to movies like “Little Miss Sunshine.” It entered the American market in 1950, but soon drivers will be able to hit the road in a new model in 2024.
The modern incarnation, dubbed ID. Buzz, is a fully electric vehicle and launches with 201 horsepower, 229 lb-ft of torque, and 420 km of range (~261 miles). Although the familiar shape and aesthetic of the Volkswagen Bus remains the same, the ID. Buzz stands out not only for its range or horsepower but also for its technology and character.
The interior of the revamped bus sports a five-seat arrangement; a 10-inch (or 12-inch) screen, where Apple Carplay and Android Auto will be available; and, in the coming years, self-driving capabilities. Perhaps one of ID. Buzz’s best features is its height-adjustable trunk floor to make the loading floor level when the seats are folded down.
Although Volkswagen won’t release official prices until early 2023, the ID. Buzz is slated to be around $57,000 after government incentives, which is on the steeper side of what EV buyers expected. Still, the new bus is expected to be a huge hit for Volkswagen, especially given the range is right about where it needs to be.