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The Unexpected Cybertruck Feature That Is Giving Elon Musk Trouble
A Tesla Cybertruck prototype made an appearance at the Elkhorn Battery Energy Storage Facility in California's Moss landing, and videos of the car started making rounds of Twitter and Instagram. The most noticeable change is the vehicle’s much smaller windshield wiper, which appears to reach only halfway across its giant windshield.
The wiper appears to rely on a hinge mechanism that keeps it folded in half when not in use. The apparatus caused such a stir that Musk himself jumped into the conversation to explain what was really going on, writing on Twitter: “The wiper is what troubles me the most. No easy solution. Deployable wiper that stows in front trunk would be ideal, but complex.”
Cybertruck's windshield wiper might be giving Musk some grief, but that certainly hasn't been the only roadblock Tesla has come up against. The company has grappled with delays — both rumored and confirmed — in its quest to bring Cybertruck to the masses, and despite being announced in 2019, the vehicle still doesn't have a confirmed release date.
Musk may not have the luxury of tweaking Cybertruck and its components until everything is perfect, as potential competitors are moving into an increasingly crowded EV pickup market. Then again, Musk might be unconcerned about the competition, after all, this is the same man who once said that he doesn't care if Cybertruck is a failure.