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The Unexpected Car Taking Queen Elizabeth To Her Funeral
After Queen Elizabeth II’s death, most thought that the hearse leading her procession through Scotland would be something quintessentially British, like a Bentley, Range Rover, Jaguar, or Rolls-Royce — marques which have featured multiple times in her own private collection. However, surprisingly, the queen was actually carried in a modified Mercedes E-Class.
It's no secret the Queen loved Scotland, and it was only fitting for an Edinburgh-built hearse to carry her casket. Custom built by Binz International, and supplied to William Purve Funeral Directors of Scotland, the late monarch’s hearse was decked out in a somber black color — which acted as a mute livery for the solemnity of the occasion.
Given her fondness for cars, it was quite appropriate for Queen Elizabeth II’s final journey to take place in a unique vehicle. At one point, in fact, the late queen actually owned the world's second most expensive car — a custom Bentley that was built to withstand bomb blasts and gas attacks, which also featured special doors, a cabin built for visibility, and upholstered reclining seats.