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The Ugliest Ferrari Ever Made Isn't What You Think
The LaFerrari, Ferrari’s flagship model that sold out faster than it was produced, started out as among the ugliest luxury cars ever conceived. One of its early prototypes, the 2012 Ferrari F150 M6, looked nothing like the LaFerrari — even its chassis was based on the 458 Italia — but it was never meant to look like a beauty as it was only used to test out key components.
The clandestine nature of the LaFerrari's development process resulted in the M6 looking like a crumpled 458, complete with a messy engine bay filled with cyberpunk-esque tubes, foils, and oodles of wires. As if that wasn't enough, it even had actual handwritten notes of its engineers strewn all over its interior — but the M6 still represented a large part of Ferrari’s storied history.
Hiding behind its camouflaged exterior shell, however, was its historical significance, including Ferrari KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) in its early stages — and the first usage of Ferrari's Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Despite its scrap-metal looks, the M6 was actually fully functional and paved the way for Ferrari's first hybrid technology system.