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The Reason The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Was A Failure
Given the success of the Chevrolet Tahoe it makes sense that the automaker would have experimented with a hybrid version of the iconic SUV. Although the decision seemed like a no-brainer, the Tahoe Hybrid was discontinued in 2013 only after a few years being in the market. So what prevented it from becoming a winner?
Unfortunately, the hybrid Tahoe was a victim of timing: When the SUV first came out, there was a recession due to the collapse of the housing market and people were more selective on how they spent their money. To make matters worse, the hybrid version of the Chevy Tahoe was not cheap as the price started near $50,000.
Another big factor that likely impacted the Tahoe Hybrid's success was its fuel economy. Even though the model’s 6-liter V8 hybrid engine had better gas mileage than the normal Tahoe, it still lagged behind its competitors — most hybrids from that era got around 50 miles to the gallon, but Chevy's then-new SUV only got 21 mpg.