Zandvoort, The Netherlands - June 24, 2012: Lamborghini Diablo sports car parked in the paddock of the Zandvoort race track during the 2012 Italia a Zandvoort day.
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The Real Reason America Banned the Lamborghini Diablo Strosek
Named after its automobile designer, Vittorio Strosek, and after a fierce bull from the 19th century, the Lamborghini Diablo Strosek surpassed the 200mph mark. Along with its speed, Strosek’s modifications began to raise concerns in the USA.
Strosek swapped out the front and the rear bumpers with rounder ones for a modern look. The designer also replaced the headlamps with much smaller dual lights for a more seamless and unobtrusive appearance.
Strosek also retrofitted the rear high-wing spoiler from the original Lamborghini Diablo with one that was combined with the trunk of the car. The new spoiler was made adjustable so that it could be tuned as per the requirements for the drag force.
The designer’s most controversial upgrade was to the rearview mirrors. Strosek moved them from their traditional position of being placed along the lower edge of the windshield and put them high up on the top of the door.
Besides the speed of the car, the new smaller headlights and the oddly placed mirrors were the reason behind the ban on the Lamborghini Diablo Strosek in the US. Even if the engine were restricted to under 200mph, the ban wouldn't be revoked.