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The Privacy Setting You Need To Change on Your New iPad
After you’ve set up your brand new iPad, say, by downloading must-have apps and choosing something stunning for your wallpaper and lock screen, you’ll want to address your privacy settings, specifically what data you’re sharing with apps. Security leaks happen, so it’s best to keep your data safe and refrain from allowing apps access unless it's absolutely necessary.
One setting on your iPad that allows apps to ask for your data is the ad tracking option, which allows companies to track your internet usage, location, and other information, in order to target you with relevant ads. However, this could be data that is in your best interest to keep out of strangers’ hands, so follow these easy steps to disable ad tracking.
Go to “Privacy” in your Settings app, then “Tracking,” and tap on the slider if it’s green to turn it off; if it’s already off, you don’t have to worry. If it is on, you’ll see a list of apps which have either asked to track your information or are currently tracking you. When you tap the slider to turn tracking off, you can opt to “Ask Apps to Stop Tracking,” which will turn off tracking for all apps.
Another privacy setting you may want to look at is "Location Services." When this is turned on, apps you are using may be able to track your location using GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Some apps do need this to be functional, but use your judgment to decide if they really need your location — you can tap on the app and set it to “Never” if you don’t want to be tracked.