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The Most Honest Electric Cars For Real-World Range
Battery range is likely at the top of your concerns if you are considering an electric vehicle. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has long released estimated fuel economy ratings for gas-powered cars, and now it is releasing range data for electric vehicles; its results are a best-case scenario as they don't factor in traffic, weather, or human error.
To take those factors into account, both InsideEVs and Edmunds tested dozens of EVs in real-world conditions to determine the vehicles' actual range versus the EPA estimate. When it comes to flat-out best range, the result was unanimous: both publications stated that the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Range had the longest range of any vehicle they drove — at roughly 500 miles.
Edmunds also tested the 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid (345 miles vs. EPA 348 miles), and InsideEVs tested the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E extended range version (285 miles vs. EPA 270 miles). The F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T performed under the EPA range in InsideEVs' rounds of testing, and the Porsche Taycan EV was the only car to outperform the EPA’s numbers.