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The Most Expensive Car In Lewis Hamilton's Collection
Lewis Hamilton, the record-holding Formula One Champion, has amassed quite an eclectic array of exotic vehicles. His collection includes such masterpieces as a rare ‘66 Shelby Cobra 427, not one but two Ferrari LaFerraris, a Pagani Zonda 760 LH, and a Mercedes-AMG One, but which car is currently considered Hamilton’s "most expensive?"
That honor would go to one of his two Ferrari LaFerraris, which is a white "Aperta" open-top variant — a car so rare (only 210 were ever made) and expensive that one sold for as much as $10 million. While the LaFerrari Aperta is likely the most expensive car in his collection, Hamilton might very well be getting a vehicle that's even pricier.
Hamilton is closely involved in the test-driving and production of Mercedes-AMG's hybrid hypercar Project One, a vehicle that aims to bring F1 performance to the road. Each unit comes with a $2.7 million price tag and a contract prohibiting any secondary sale for an agreed-upon length of time after the initial purchase, forcing its value to grow much higher over time.
The British racer revealed plans to collaborate with Mercedes-AMG to build a "special LH Edition" of its already expensive One hypercar, and Hamilton hopes to make his variant sharper, louder, and more powerful than the base version. Only time will tell just how high the price of Hamilton's AMG One will reach in the future.