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The Incredible Capabilities Of The US Air Force’s New Supersonic Training Jet
The United States Air Force's combat training aircraft are amidst a digital-era transformation, as the Boeing Company, in partnership with Saab, is entering the final stages of development for the T-7A Red Hawk. The Red Hawks will replace the USAF's fleet of T-38 Talons, which entered service before Alan Shepard became the first American to go to space in 1961.
Given the Talons' outdated design, Boeing has had plenty of opportunities for improvements, and the company’s digital design techniques have led to an 80% decrease in production time. The Red Hawk showcases its maintenance-minded design, with the engine being entirely replaceable by four people, and features future upgrade options, thanks to the unused processor slots.
The training jet features a glass touchscreen cockpit and tiered seating, so both the instructor and the trainee have sufficient ability to pilot the aircraft without visual obstructions. The Red Hawks are also built to safely accommodate a wider variety of pilot body types and sizes than previous jets, allowing for a larger recruiting pool, including more women.