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The Hidden GIF Feature Samsung Galaxy Users Need to Try
To begin the GIF-making process using a video clip, make sure you’re running the latest version of One UI and then open your Gallery app to find your desired video. Once you tap on a video and it opens a full-screen preview, tap on the pill-shaped 'Play video' button at the bottom.
As soon as the video starts playing, tap on the GIF button in the upper right corner to open an edit page with a seek bar of all the video frames at the bottom. Here, you can trim the clip length — and remember that the full trimmed clip must be a duration of six seconds or less.
In the bottom left corner, you will see a 1.0x button, which slows down video playback speed to 0.5x or speeds it up by 2x. Once the desired section of video has been selected, hit the right arrow key in the bottom right corner and select the save button at the top, where it will automatically be saved in a dedicated GIF folder in the app.
Another cool trick up the Gallery app's sleeve is the ability to create a GIF file by stitching multiple photos into a short clip. First, select the photos you want to convert into a GIF, then tap the three-dot menu button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
In the menu window, select Create followed by GIF to open a GIF creation screen, where you can adjust the point at which the animation starts, delete photos that you'd like to remove, and tweak your aspect ratio. Depending on the number of photos, you can speed the GIF animation all the way up to 15x.
You can also draw on the GIF, add stickers, text, Bitmoji, and even your custom face emoji. Once the necessary decorations have been put in place, tap on the Save button at the top, or directly share it with your contacts by hitting the Share button.